..."the good old good ones" - Jazz & Swing der 20er, 30er, 40er

About Vintage Jazz Trio

We are an amateur jazz trio or quartet ("Vintage Jazz Trio plus one"), based in Germany's capital town, Berlin, where we play regularly in different jazz and blues pubs, once or twice a month, and from time to time  on private occasions. We love the oldtime jazz tunes - "the good old good ones" as the great Satchmo used to call them. With our instrumentation - piano/vocal/vibraphone - guitar/sometimes sax - bass/blues harp - washboard -, which is rather untypical, we don't copy the old recordings, but interprete different, but in the vein and mood of the old days. The repertoire consists of piano ballads and bar music as well as of combo swing in the style of the early 30's or blues & stomps in the 20's chicago south side style, up to rhythm & blues numbers from the 40's.

You'll find some pictures in the German language About us section. And be sure - you don't miss anything essential if you don't understand the German text... :-)

Maybe much more interesting to you is the information about our CD ("Devil to pay", 2009) which is available at Amazon Germany or at Raumer Records themselves (shipping worldwide). There is also a MP3 download option (at the moment only at the Raumer Records online store, not yet at itunes or Amazon).

And here are some mp3 audio samples from our CD:

Further CD audio samples are to be found on

And you will find some more examples in our own Audio & Video section.

Our current gigs and concert dates will always be found here.  -  We hope to see you soon !

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